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Youth Friendship Foundation Announces 2008 Scholarship Winners

 | Published on 5/19/2008

High School Scholarships


Jeremy Williams                   Latrell Wiggins                       Allison White

Lee High                                Butler High                              Lee High

Harvard University               Auburn University                    Auburn University


Shayla Lacy                          Kiara Hyter                               Emily Ford

Lee High                               Johnson High                           Bob Jones High

UAH                                      Jacksonville State Univ.          Mississippi State


Angela Filyaw                          Chyna Barley                        Jerelisa Leslie

Madison County High             Columbia High                      Johnson High

University of Tennessee         Calhoun College                   Georgetown


Ashley Bonds                           Bethany Paxton                    Derrick Wesley

Madison County High             Grissom High                        New Hope High

Univ. North Alabama               Brigham Young Univ.           UNA


Freddie Washington              Amethyst Holmes                  Ellisia McCraw

Lee High                                  Sparkman High                     Lee High

UAB                                         Univ. of Alabama                  Jacksonville State


DeAngela Newton                   Katherine Booker                Nicholas Purcell

Johnson High                          Sparkman High                    Hazel Green High

Jacksonville State Univ.        Alabama A&M                      Auburn University


Amy Gregory                           Taylor Banks

Calvary Baptist High               New Century High

Bob Jones University             Alabama A&M